Bell Canyon Volunteer Wildland Fire Department

The BCVWFD invites you to a virtual meeting on (NEW DATE AND TIME) April 18, 2024 at 7:00pm April 11, 2024 at 7:30pm where we will share information about our creation, present operations, and future. Click here to submit questions for the meeting.

To join the video meeting, click this link: Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 904-900-0680 and enter this PIN: 735 790 619# To view more phone numbers, click this link:

About Us

The Bell Canyon Volunteer Wildland Fire Department (BCVWFD) was formed in October 2020 in response to our collective experience in the Woolsey Fire, which destroyed dozens of homes in Bell Canyon and damaged many more. Most department members stayed in the canyon to fight the fire, and one even lost his home. The BCVWFD has a primary mission to protect Bell Canyon residents and property by supporting and augmenting local fire agencies. Members are trained wildland firefighters certified by the California Office of the State Fire Marshal/State Fire Training program. The BCVWFD is NOT a replacement for 911 emergency resources, but offers specific, limited emergency/medical services, including search and rescue. The BCVWFD was recently featured on:

The BCVWFD has a new official emergency phone number:

(818) 699-1191

If you are calling about an emergency, please call 911 first. The BCVWFD number is for additional support for emergencies only--fire, medical, search and rescue, rattlesnakes, flood and other emergencies--and is not a replacement for 911.

To aid residents with fire prevention, we're available to advise and assist with pool fire pump installation. Additionally, we will remove snakes (rattlesnakes and other) for relocation. Contact Us if you'd like to request our help.

The BCVWFD is a 501(c)(3). We rely on community supported, tax deductible donations to operate. We are proud to have launched our inaugural donor drive in May 2021 -- to donate please click here!

Bell Canyon Volunteer Wildland Fire Department Founders Circle

We would like to thank the following founding donors for their generous contributions:

  • The Abadee Family

  • Anonymous Donor

  • Bell Canyon Association

  • Tim and Priscilla Brehm Family

  • Michael and Christine Buffer

  • Built in 72 Inc.

  • The Castizo Gregsamer Family

  • Jan and Nick Change

  • The Garrett Clancy and Lisa Riccomini Family

  • The Coleman Family

  • The Donia Family

  • Reid and Lima Dworkin

  • The Feingold Family Foundation in honor of Cailan Feingold and Blake Arbuckle

  • Gift in Honor of Bill Speer and Larry Little's Service

  • The Glodney Family

  • Thomas D. Johns IV

  • Steve and Patti Kent

  • The Khristo Family

  • Cameo Kneuer

  • The Lander Family

  • The Leiss Family

  • Levy, Levy and Nelson

  • Dr. Rene and Daisy Lim Foundation, Inc

  • Rima and Allan Loewe

  • Greg and Charlene McHugh

  • Jerry and Theresa Murphey

  • Len and Betty Nersesian

  • Monty and Tanu Pandey

  • The Phan Family

  • The Scott K. Prewett Charitable Foundation

  • Scott and Cristie Platt

  • Steve, Heather, Ryan, and Zachary Rasnick

  • Margot Ribo

  • Mrs. Linda D. Riccomini

  • The Shalev Family

  • The Shubeck Family

  • Jayne and Kevin Staley

  • The Vahram and Narine Sukyas Family

  • Pedram Toussi

  • The Tsircou Family

  • The Vadehra Family

  • Steve and Martyann Valentine

  • The Vier Family

  • Sean and Iris Wagmeister

  • Harold and Marilyn West

  • The Eric and Jude Wolf Family

  • The Zonte - Gusinow Family

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Our Team

Chief/FFT2/PIO/EMTGarrett Clancy
Assistant Chief/FFT2/Govt. LiaisonEric Wolf
Assistant Chief/Training/FF1/Engineer/EMTBoris Donia
Administrator/FFT2/Command Rep.Greg McHugh
Administrator/FFT2/EngineerRichard Levy
Captain/FFT2/EngineerLarry Little
Captain/FFT2/EngineerChris Shubeck
Lieutenant/FFT2/EngineerMark Leiss
Lieutenant/FFT2/EngineerTom Johns
Lieutenant/FFT2Jerry Murphey
Lieutenant/Firefighter FFT2/EMTLeo Kaufman
Firefighter FFT2Dustin Glodney
Firefighter FFT2Scott Platt
Firefighter FFT2/Multi-Agency LiaisonYoav Shalev
Firefighter FFT2/CTOVahram Sukyas
Firefighter FFT2Chris Becker
Firefighter FFT2Larry Feder
Firefighter FFT2Zac Titus
Firefighter FFT2Andres Castizo
Firefighter FFT2Chad Utt
Firefighter FFT2Daniel Goldstein
Maintenance Engineer FFT2Len Nersesian
S.A.R. Coordinator/EMTScott Sand
Medical Officer RN/EMTMark Hollinger
S.A.R. Tech/EMTHayden Sand
Reserve FirefighterWill Landrum
Reserve FirefighterMark Mitchell
Reserve FirefighterSamantha Grabeel
Director of DevelopmentNarine Sukyas
Administrative StaffJude Wolf
Administrative StaffLisa Riccomini Clancy
Administrative StaffGeoff Abadee

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